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Kauna. Wardruna (Rune music)

Published on 05 Apr 2021 / In Music

Respect to: Warduna.

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DARRYL DUNCAN 9 days ago

I learned from The Elder Futhark and this is called Kenaz there. This is one of my symbols. Raido, Isa, Gebo and Kenaz, Othalaz, Nauthiz- these are my power runes. Dagaz has always been special to me for many reasons too, first because it has its alphabetical reference with the same letters as my first and last names but also because of the dawn of each new day. I love life! This life and all life, the animals and the plants, the waters and the sun! With all these things I love are their spiritual powers and their spiritual references to my gods and goddesses. I am always having these Christians around me and I have to think that they were simply led down the wrong path but at least have the right ideas in mind. Once you find who our gods really are you never want to go back to anything a Jew created.

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