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Johnny Rebel - Some Niggers Never Die

Published on 15 Jun 2021 / In Music

⁣Johnny Rebel - Some Niggers Never Die Lyrics

⁣The other day I took a fishin' trip
Just me and my boat, and no Banjo lip
Banjo was my guide, an old colored feller
He wasn't very dark, he was a high-steppin' yeller
So we launched my boat, and I cranked my motor
And up to my nose came a terrible odor
I looked around, tryin' to find somethin' dead
But it was Banjo with his arm up, scratchin' his head

Some niggers never die
They just smell that way

Now the more he'd scratch, the more he'd sweat
And I'm here to say he was-a-chokin' me to death
So we loaded up, I just couldn't go on
And I coughed and I gagged, all the way home
When I dropped him off, I was next to dine
My nose was-a-runnin, and my eyes were-a-cryin'
The smell scorched the hair right out of my nose
When I got home I had to burn all my clothes

Some niggers never die
They just smell that way

I recooperated quick, I was thankful for that
I was only in bed for a week and a half
The very first day I was up on my feet
I went to the supermarket, down the street
I shopped all around, and I filled out my order
My groceries were bagged by a fat nigger porter
The air conditioner was broke and I was ferocious
'Cause it was hot and that nigger was-a-sweatin' on my groceries

Some niggers never die
They just smell that way

The vegetables and greens I bought started wilting
My blood pressure rose, and that could've killed me
I was gonna smash him all over that place
But he raised up his arm, and I fell on my face
Now I'm here in the hospital and at the ceiling I stare
I coulda whipped that nigger, 'cept he used germ warfare
So from now on I'll carry a long, long stick
'Cause if I can keep from the smell, then I'll have 'em licked

Some niggers never die
They just smell that way

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Venresswolfe 1 month ago

They do smell way different. I've worked with plenty of them (construction work) Even the gut bacteria used to digest our food is different from theirs.

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Schutzstaffel 1 month ago

Yes they do honestly smell bad lol!

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