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Jim Rizoli and Jan: America the New Africa

Published on 04 Feb 2021 / In News & Politics

Jim Rizoli talks with Jan about the similarities between (South) Africa and the United States now.

This was first published at 19:39 UTC on July 18th, 2020.

We discuss many things about Africa, and the history of the Whites and Blacks in Africa that is virtually unknown outside of Africa. We look at the differences and similarities between South Africa and America and why the USA is on the path towards racial conflict in the future as well as why Liberalism has made it worse.

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Lego 3 months ago

Great to see you here Jan! Glad you moved over from (((bitchute))).

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REECE 3 months ago

good insight on africa

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Lawi 3 months ago

America the New Africa
13% of population
50% suspended from High School for violent acts
75% of all crime committed
90% illegitimate, welfare, Democrat
95% guaranteed to be raped, murdered or assaulted by another African-American

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HistoryReviewed 3 months ago

These are excellent points. In my 2019 trip to the USA I got to memphis and was able to observe your blacks in greater quantity close up. They are no better than the Blacks in Africa. I had thought they were better educated, etc but in reality not. I'm convinced that Black success in the USA is totally faked by Jews. These people are as dumb as planks. No better than blacks in Africa.

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Lawi 3 months ago

@HistoryReviewed: Black LowIQ Matters

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Soldiergoy 3 months ago

@HistoryReviewed: you are correct

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