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Jews to form group within far-right party AfD DW News

Published on 03 Mar 2021 / In News & Politics
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whitepride73 2 months ago

Germans in Germany. Jews in Germany into the ovens. Kebabs in Germany on spears tips. Russian jews trying to nose their way into another white movement to kike funds etc.- that's as bad of a joke as the Russian jews who own Parler who teamed up with jews from Russia to combat USA jews that cancel cultured them. These jews are comical and all over the place. What a fucking disaster this world is without pure white countries. It's time to shake shit up and take what is ours back by might, nothing less. Hitler was right about these social "phenomenons". Ridiculous. We could have been terra forming planets by now instead of fighting each other putting money you know where, up who's asses. #4 please and where do I sign up.

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mat6719 5 months ago

Jews use this word semite appallingly for themselves to stifle any criticism of them. Aramaic and Arabic are semitic languages but in the exclusive world of the jews this word only applies to them.

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Sherry Beme
Sherry Beme 5 months ago

lol they never have anything nice to say about the Germans. Well I do. The Germans are creators and what have the Jews ever created? A big fat nothing! unless you call scamming, stealing and filth creating which I sure as hell don't. They and the blacks are the laziest race on the planet and hate anything manual so the chances of them doing anything worthwhile is zilch which is why they hang off of the white race and parasite off of them. The demonize us because of jealousy and to justify to themselves because they know just how pathetic they are.

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Lawi 5 months ago

Communist Jews (Bolshevik Liberals) to form right-wing party.

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Bbmaddsharp11 5 months ago


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LeniRiefenstahl 5 months ago

2018 this was reported.

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