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Jews sue Deutsche Bank over holocaust

Published on 21 Feb 2021 / In Jewish Genocides

The World Council of Orthodox Jewish Communities is suing Europe's second-largest bank.

It accuses Deutsche Bank A-G of having funded and profited from Nazi atrocities against Jews.

The World Council of Orthodox Jewish Communities is suing Germany's Deutsche Bank on behalf of all eastern European Jewish organisations that lost assets during World War II.

The amount of damages the Council is seeking has not yet been specified.

But there was a separate lawsuit on behalf of Holocaust survivors filed in June 1998 against both Deutsche Bank and Dresdner Bank.

That suit sought 18 billion (B) U-S dollars, accusing the two German banks of profiting by looting gold and other personal property from Jews.

Explaining the Council's move, the executive director says Deutsche Bank played a significant part in Nazi Germany's efforts to exterminate the Jewish people.

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"This was made possible in overwhelming part by Deutsche Bank which financed the building of Auschwitz - which was the death camp for millions of Jews - as well as other Nazi regime projects. And in effect they were responsible for destroying the entire way of life that Jews lived by in Eastern Europe and the communities of which they were part."
SUPER CAPTION: Rabbi Mirris Shmidman, Executive Director of the World Council

The Council says that previously concealed documents - discovered in February as part of the Deutsche Bank-Bankers Trust merger - revealed Deutsche Bank's active aid of the Nazi campaign.

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"Deutsche Bank equals Auschwitz. Deutsche Bank financed the building of Auschwitz. Deutsche Bank extended credit to builders to fulfill the dream of building that death camp and they knew all along where their money was going and what it was being used for. And as our lawsuit points out in greater detail, the manner in which they converted the assets that they looted and how they served as the medium by which money was transferred and the looted property was turned into their possessions."
SUPER CAPTION: Rabbi Mirris Shmidman, Executive Director of the World Council

The suit states that the bank compounded its misconduct after the war when it concealed its actions.

It refused or failed to search for Jewish assets and it refused to disclose information on the nature and extent of the assets.

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"They knew what they were doing and Deutsche Bank has a great responsibility and all these corporations have started to acknowledge part of their responsibility. But as yet they don't want to meet their moral and just responsibility in terms of the dollars that they are talking about that rightfully belong to the survivors and their heirs."
SUPER CAPTION: Rabbi Mirris Shmidman, Executive Director of the World Council

The New York-based Council claims to be the world's largest organised group of Holocaust survivors and descendants of victims.

It was founded by leaders of many of Eastern and central Europe's former Orthodox communities.

Earlier this month, Deutsche Bank denied it was withholding documents relating to the assets of Holocaust victims and profits from World War two-era slave labour.

When a spokesman at the bank's headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany, was asked on Wednesday about the lawsuit, he refused to comment.

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HEILHITLER1488 2 months ago


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theliquidatedrabbi 4 months ago

Jew vs Jew...a jew judge will rule the bank must pay the jews but the bank will be bailed out with goyim money.

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