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From The Mouth Of A Half Honest Rabbi - We Are Alien Infiltrators From Another Galaxy? Here To Conquer Earth & Humans!!

Published on 21 Jul 2021 / In Jewish Question

From the mouth of a Rabbi - You can't make this shit up!!

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Iverology_Phd 5 days ago

These jews surely need a good correction. The final one.

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DARRYL DUNCAN 5 days ago (edited)

If you were to study The Nature of Asatru by Mark Puryear of The Norroena Society it speaks of how life began from "Ginnungagap" which was an event bringing forth life in 2 beings, Bor and Ymir (pronounced Emeer). These beings possessed powers so that a little later Odin, Hoenir and Lodurr were born from Bor while Ymir had 3 children named Mimir and Bestla and later Thrudgelmir. Bestla was the mother of Allfather Odin and his brothers with his son, also named similarly. Everything decended from Thrudgelmir was evil. If you follow who married who all the way down the lines through to their children you see where we Whites came into existence on earth. If you follow the lines from Thrudgelmir you see who these people called Jew are. Thor was a son of Odin and his next wife Frigga and Thor spent his life killing Jews. Odin killed Ymir with his brothers. From the gods and goddesses of the White race to every one of us still alive we have always been enemies with Jews.

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Them624s 5 days ago

Everything they do to us is what reptilians would do to thier victims. Invade, violate, pervert, insult, control, consume, rape, and destroy. They are like thier father race.

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exposethekikes 6 days ago

they live.

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