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Jewish Toy Companies That Promote Degeneracy

Published on 09 Feb 2021 / In Pedophilia / Trafficking
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momento 20 days ago

If the West continue down this path, we are going to need a lot more psychologists and social workers in about 20 years from now to deal with the results of fucking with the minds of the young kids of today. They will be totally confused, resulting in mental problems on varying scales. I can see it happening, clearly. Jew scum never stop and pause and think maybe they should take a break from attacking the minds of kids with their plastic garbage.

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Trey Xanthean
Trey Xanthean 22 days ago

god damn filthy fucking jews. EVERY TIME!!!!!!!!!!!

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Nick 22 days ago

I notice they dont mention their religious origins so much in Wikipedia anymore.

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Fuck_all_jews 22 days ago


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