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Jewish Sex Magic Rituals, Blood Sacrifice, Sodomizing Prostitutes

Published on 29 Oct 2020 / In Uncategorized

Jewish people considered race of magicians since medieval times.
Sex Magic Rituals, Blood Sacrifice, Sodomizing Prostitutes, Men & Young Boys as they reach sexual climax, Vamprirism (blood drinking from freshly severed foreskin of new born babies) practiced till today.

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DARRYL DUNCAN 5 months ago

We can never consider Jews to be a race. This is the first thing we are always told when people refer to Jews but they are not a race. You could not call Mexicans a race either for the same reasons that no Jew can be called a race. We can accurately say they are a group of people the same as we can say Mexicans are a group of people. No Jew can claim to be of the White race either because all Jews had Arabic progenitors. This means that the fathers of all of them in their beginning were men of the Arabic race, a brown skin race of people, but their mothers were slaves. We know that Jews themselves were not slaves but were simply a group of people raised differently from others in the Arabic nations. They killed people and ate their flesh. Jews had their own schools. Jews were expelled from the Arabic nations in the year 193 for having murdered several of the Kings and for performing blood ritual murders on many of the children of non-Jews. At the moment the Jews were expelled it caused the Mosques to be torn down, turned away from the Arabic lands favored by Mohammad and rebuilt upon the same locations to face towards Mecca. Why Mecca? Mecca was not of importance to anyone before but something new had just occurred in Mecca to turn all Jews towards it. Isn't this location where our White ancestors had built Atlantis? And isn't it this big black stone sitting there now the stone which destroyed our utopia?

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SerIntegral 6 months ago

Their Talmud book tells many horrific things.

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Trey Xanthean
Trey Xanthean 6 months ago

God Damn these Filthy fucking Mamzer!!! God Damn them to Hell!!!

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PatriisVirtutibus 6 months ago

The title put the chili peppers in my head... ugh, lol.

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