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Published on 08 Oct 2020 / In Judaism / Talmud


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TheEvilWhite 20 days ago

I've known a Mason who was part of a Blue Lodge. He quit attending their meetings because it was a real drag, pointless and got tired of constantly "moving through the chairs". I secretly read a lot of their newsletters and the funny thing was the secretary of the Lodge had to constantly hound members to pay their dues. From what I gathered, beneath all the hocus-pocus mystical secret ritual shite it was just a business/social networking club. Ironically, I have seen a Mason get screwed by another Mason over a business deal as well. BTW, a LOT of cops are freemasons. Contrary to the rules, they do solicit outsiders for membership as hush-hush, and they can now also openly advertise is some states. Lodges have been rather desperate due to drastic declines in membership and many have closed over the decades. I know one in the city got shut down because they haven't been paying property taxes LOL! This is all Blue Lodge stuff. This Mason told me, apparently those that get to the 32nd and 33rd degrees live like royalty. Freemasonry at that point practically becomes a full-time profession.

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