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Jewish Revisionist Jacob Cohen - The holocaust is a new religion

Published on 12 Feb 2021 / In HoloHoax / WW1 & WW2

Published on Jan 25, 2019

Moroccan-born French-Jewish Holocaust denier Jacob Cohen delivered a talk titled “The Holocaust and the Zionist Agenda” at the Lawyer’s Club in Rabat, Morocco, at an event commemorating the 10th anniversary of what the organizers termed “the 2008 Gaza Holocaust.” Cohen said that the Nuremberg Tribunal had been a "victor's court" that had arbitrarily decided that six million Jews had been killed in the Holocaust, and that there had been no mention of the Holocaust until the 1970s, which was a convenient time for the affair to surface because "it fit well with the history of the Middle East [and Israel]." He added that the Holocaust has become a "new religion" complete with its own dogmas, rituals, martyrs, saints, courts, anti-blasphemy rules, and disbelievers – the Holocaust deniers. Cohen also stated that the Zionists are always a step ahead and looking for something for their propaganda, and that MEMRI "supposedly translates statements by Iranian officials" in an effort to make Westerners "think that Iran wants to commit a second Holocaust." He said that people who do not dispute anything they hear about the Holocaust will unconsciously accept it, and he concluded: "This is why it is absolutely necessary… [to] protest and to not let them have their way." The event was held by the "National Work Group for Palestine" against the backdrop of King Muhammad VI’s recent decision to integrate the study of the Holocaust into Morocco’s educational curriculum. The video was uploaded to the Internet by Al3omk Online TV (Morocco) on January 5.

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scm_bacont 1 month ago

Even when they're telling the truth I can't help but look for the holes in their statements...

Even this guy...

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JimRizoli 5 months ago

The CULT of the Holocaust

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