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Jewish Communist Atrocities Rare Footage Re-Uploaded Tested And Working

Published on 11 May 2021 / In Jewish Genocides

⁣Jewish Communist Atrocities Rare Footage ⁣Re-Uploaded Tested And Working

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the7thsea 1 month ago (edited)

Loads of Americans are waking up and it's time for the Jews to ditch the US and Let the communist Russia and China to be the new world police ,Excellent video .

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Paulsmithatkins 1 month ago

The old Bolshevik vaccine. Today we have the new Bolshevik vaccines with a shot in the arm with poison.

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ARYAN VIKING 1 month ago

Informative. I will download for my folder of Jewish crimes. Once their money is no longer issued I want to see all Jews prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for their crimes. They control us through the money issued by the banks. With this money they pay off the police to point guns at us. This is how their dictatorship works is by the money Rothschild creates on his own printing presses.

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Schutzstaffel 1 month ago

Thank you Darryl, We should all be saving and storing this stuff now, they are trying to take down sites like where most of this stuff is stored online, If that goes down the only source for this material will be from people like us, I'm going to start investing in more drives for storage and backup storage, everyone that can should do the same.

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