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Jew secret society (((Sa't Bai)))

Published on 05 Dec 2020 / In Judaism / Talmud

Speaker: Richard B Spence
(((Asiatic Brethren)))
kabbalah, ritual magick, occult, shlophria

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Illusionist 8 months ago

Kaballah is evil. I may not know all about the tree of life or its practices, but it also involves ritualistic chants to bring forth change of events working against universal flow. A dangerous thing.

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I am not sure evil is the way to describe it, just those who are using it, I mean if you believe in magic... I used to, I stopped because from my point of view these rituals are like all rituals, actions in method showing intent... I mean it is not like they have these ceremonies and then sit back after words. The tree of life goes back, It also has different points of view.

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