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Published on 12 Jun 2021 / In Uncategorized

⁣Man Crashes His Car And Almost Takes Out Two Men After Getting Vaccine And Blacking Out
Startling video shows two men barely escape as a pickup smashes into a boat in front of Top Shop Automotive and Marine on Eastern Avenue in Lynn, Massachusetts, on Monday.

One of them is the owner, Ken Brassard, who said he's never moved faster in his life. The truck first hits an SUV parked maybe 30 feet away, which may have saved Brassard's life.

He said it sounded like an explosion.

“When I heard the explosion from behind me I turned around," he said. "That’s when he was just clearing the white car, and I jumped out of the way as quickly as I could and the customer was running as fast as he could.”

The whole thing was captured on surveillance video. In slow motion, you can see how narrowly the two men escaped disaster.

The truck was still running after the crash into the boat, which was on a trailer attached to a truck, with the driver unconscious behind the wheel.

Several people, including a UPS driver who had stopped nearby, were able to smash the window with a hammer and get the keys. At that point, the driver woke up and got out. The driver was dazed but not hurt and said he was headed home from getting his COVID vaccination and thinks that’s what caused him to pass out, according to Brassard.

“The last thing he remembered was he felt like he was going to pass out and so he tried to pull over and the next thing he knew we were smashing his windows," Brassard said.

Needless to say, Brassard said he feels very lucky to be OK.

“The force of that impact to fold a boat and trailer like that… it would have been devastating if either of us had been caught in between.”

Lynn police said they are still investigating. As of now, no charges have been filed.

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LeniRiefenstahl 2 months ago

No doubt about it atall.

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Raymo1 2 months ago

Thats to be expected from a virus used a bio warfare and a "vaccine" used for chemical warfare. I dont see how jews are behind it. Its the democrats and globalists bringing medical tyranny and socialism to america. U blame jews like they have power and authority to do anything. Its all globalists like gates soros schwab clintons Bush's and the entire democrat party. U sound like a fucking moron democrat. considering jews have no authority or balls to make anybody do anything. Dumb fuck blaming jews when the globalists have already published white papers documenting their plan to unleash a virus to strip people of freedoms and control the masses through mandatory vaccinations. Covid19 is just a dry run for 2024 when they unleash SPARS virus. The globalists are gonna use pandemics and lockdowns to control terrorize the public. Carnegie and Rockefeller started it.

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TinyCow 2 months ago

Found the member gentlemen.

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Lifes_a_beach_ 2 months ago

I agree 110%

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WhiteNight 2 months ago

...good he did not drive Jumbo Jet 747 !!! lol I mean I am not laughing really but the Vax side effects we might be seeing more often....

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HereAmI 2 months ago

The man will have had blood clots in his brain, and blacked out because of them.
There are many similar reports; Natural News ran a story two or three weeks ago about this phenomenon.

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Lifes_a_beach_ 2 months ago

His license should get suspended right away until he proves to the state through Drs that the JEW JAB is not a vaccine it is a bio weapon created to make robots out of the GOYIM.

Maybe the DOT in that state will see what is really going on NOT.

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Lifes_a_beach_ 2 months ago


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Salty556 2 months ago

The genocide of the White race and destruction of white lands was conceived and IS implemented from a square mile of land called "Harvard" in Massachusetts. Dr. Charles Lieber (jew) and two Wu Han lab scientists were busted by the DOJ in January 2020 trying to leave America for China carrying a bio weapon. Liber is the head of the chemistry dept at Harvard and received a $15 MILLION dollar grant from the Fauci led NIH. i'm trying to copy the link.

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