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JBS Cyber Attack - World's largest meat processing company paid $11 million in ransom to hackers

Published on 14 Jun 2021 / In Uncategorized

Published on Jun 11, 2021
#JBS #CyberAttack - #Worldslargest meat processing company paid $11 million in #ransom to hackers
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Bill 1 month ago

It's terrible, the cows forgot how to eat, the bulls forgot how to fuck, the farmer forgot how to tend the animals, the truck drivers forgot where the butcher is, the butcher forgot how to butcher and we don't remember where the store is. Damn cyber shit

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Soldier1 1 month ago

A cyber attack carried out by jews, Russia, and/or China.

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scm_bacont 1 month ago

Yeah, if it was 1950, I could see that...

The issue I have with this story and the Texas pipeline bull is that they are ransoming billion, possibly trillion dollar industries for what is back pocket cash for these people?!?

Looks more like they (the jew owners of these companies) are doing it themselves for some yet to be discovered reason...

I'm honestly having issues believing there was a hack at all...

DNC/Seth Rich are but one example as to why I'm not biting the narrative...

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drutsohg 1 month ago

@scm_bacont: no doubt because even the most basic small company has backups and cyber security isn’t that hard. Plus you know what’s up when the media lies about it like they did the pipeline hacking. They only hacked the billing software of that pill pipeline and the CEO decided to shut off the flow of oil as a precaution. But they have a billing system back up and probably a couple redundant entire systems. It is a very basic thing companies do and are required to do in many cases.

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