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Published on 01 May 2021 / In Politics

⁣No One In Arizona Could Write This Story And Live

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Ghost of Violence
Ghost of Violence 10 days ago

i forgot to mention the autozones in ferguson and minneapolis,
and then i just saw THIS:
" he worked at an AutoZone auto parts store, from which he was fired."

remember larry silverstein of 911 bldg 7?
i suspect a similar cunt owns autozone.

ferguson missouri blm riots VIDEO SHOWS black clad "swat" and "police" militarized group of about half a dozen guys,
breaking into the autozone store, setting it ablaze,
and setting fire to some random car parked outside the store.

then a few years later blm in minneapolis, another cop dressed in all black trying to look like blm/antifa, spray paints shit on the autozone and breaks its windows with a hammer, until caught on video by several of the blm'ers who chase him away. cop identified by his ex-wife somewhat by accident online afterwards.

so again that same company's store in now 3 associated events.

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Ghost of Violence
Ghost of Violence 10 days ago

i can't prove this but i will write what i've read.

at the time of JT's family's murder i was already looking into him and i think the site was
because i simply was curious what was going on, having seen him and other militia at
some public videotaped scene, and cops did not harass his militia and no violence occurred in any direction.

shortly after that i read he was accused of killing a mexican invader.

then i read "he went nuts and murdered his family" which utterly did not fit the profile whatsoever.

i read the nwo had been doping him into rage episodes, via ssri's.

to read about this being done study Charles Whitman the 1966 "sniper in the tower",
this was pretty clearly done to Whitman in the weeks leading up to that shooting,

and THAT shooting video clearly shows TWO riflemen in that tower,
so i know for certain that was an nwo operation.
and from that operation they magically invented swat.

JT - i read the nwo sent in a black-clad merc to his house prior to JT arriving,
this merc slaughtered the family, JT comes home and they kill him and claim
he killed himself after killing his family.
it was a neighbor who witnessed the blackclad merc entering prior.

this incident to make "militia" look like evil white supremes, as they continually do,
and/or to stop a righteous man from continuing his work to expose THEIR illegal doings.

swat - Ridley Balko reports that from 1966 to 1988 swat raids numbered only 3,000 per year,
but by 2010 they increased to 80,000 per year.
iow swat was created for evil reasons but remained halfway legit for 3 decades,
and then they began handing out "cool kids club" cards to every ahol on the payroll,
and began swat raiding for overdue library fines (i'm not kidding),
and swat raided Baby Beau in georgia blowing up the infant's face and chest,
and zero charges for the cunt cops who did it.

fat out of shape swat cunt deputy sowder in texas shot dead by homeowner Magee,
then they railroaded Magee even though judge said raid was illegal and shooting sowder was legal.

1930s Lindberg baby case was used to massively increase fag hoover's fbi power and budget.

1903 dick act removed our militia, this was the true LOSING of america, we lost our right
to defend against a cunt jew govt.

1930s gangsters, JEWS, used to creat 1934 NFA, removing right to military arms.
by late 1980s they were now granting military arms to all police (sbr's, sbs's, fullauto, aow's, explosives)
but civi's are restricted out of functional ownership and use. iow, try using
your class 3 for home defense or ccw and see what happens. good luck.
oh but cops can carry all this in their cars today. fuck them.

they'll come for me, i'll be gone, you reading this now will know,
this is a war for souls not earth, but i also believe it is a war to save the remnant of whites.

Gordon Kahl 1983, killed 2 feds and 1 sheriff.

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