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It's Called Free Speech, Communist Faggot!

General J.D. Ripper
Published on 11 May 2021 / In Uncategorized

free speech and communists

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GodHelpUsAll 1 month ago

Lol where is this from?

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TrumanBurbank 1 month ago

This fucken never gets old LOL

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ellockjack 1 month ago

Maybe you could just not look at his sign if you don't like it. That'll show him.

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Earl Turner
Earl Turner 1 month ago

why that messager though? if he is so edgy he could put up a white power sign or some shit lives matter sign in a black neighborhood .....what is owning a bunch of university students gonna do for him? ?

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Sankyu 1 month ago

I would think he was trolling them. And the sjw took the bait.

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TinyCow 1 month ago (edited)

all speech is free. you even get paid at times to speak. i think he meant freeDOM of speech; but we all get the point. I love how while he was making his point, he used that freedom to speech in such a poignant way to put that commie faggot in his place. Masterful execution.

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