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Islamic-ISIS - Mass Infidel Executions in Muslim Death Chamber

Published on 18 May 2018 / In Non-profits & Activism

Islamic -Isis - Infidel-Gay Throat Slashing Death Video in a Muslim Torture Chamber

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Paulsmithatkins 2 months ago

Don't rule our Israelis blood ritual posing as Arabs but why trust any of these psychopaths? Many Jews Arabs and Africans are savages. Notice you don't see the faces of the murdering butcher psychopaths except at the beginning and why show the victims a document just to slaughter them? All Gentiles are animals in jewish religion to be slaughtered. I saw a video of a little White girl being bleed out by the throat the same way by unknown psychopaths with no faces that could have been jewish. The difference was they bleed her out into a silver pan.

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WhiteMiasma 2 months ago

I saw a picture of that a long time ago. Then with Zion Don's reign they all vanish. I can't watch these videos btw.

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Paulsmithatkins 1 month ago

Its hard to watch Murder Porn.

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kjv1611 5 months ago

that is sick islam is murderous!

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jackellock 5 months ago

Is this for real? I do hate fags, though.

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franciscopollardo 7 months ago

This prison and its guards should be sent to prison and exterminated, but most importantly let the American Soldiers and Marines out of all American Prisons. This justifies the release of all prosecuted Americans for war crimes.

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iNFiDEL 9 months ago

good enough reason to remove pislam once & forever. It empowers these freaks.

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