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⁣Iowa Hospital: 100% of "Covid" patients are "vaccinated"

Published on 16 May 2021 / In Uncategorized

⁣Iowa Hospital: 100% of "Covid" patients are "vaccinated"

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It's almost as if the vaccine makes the virus stronger, if the jews keep shittng out half baked vaccines for sheckles it will get dangerous to a point where non-vaccinated people are at risk.

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LeniRiefenstahl 1 month ago

But you still need to soc. distance and you still need to wear masks! And Fauci was asymptomatic so he didnt bother with testing! But the goyim do!

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TheThinkingTree 1 month ago

Nurses and doctors are all liars and have been actively practicing sorcery(meaning of pharma) on us.
They pretend it is real and yet any one who has actually been to the hospital is very aware of these people playing games with your life for a paycheck.
Being that I just had a baby I watched the insanity first hand... I was held hostage and bullied by people who are mostly barely capable of mopping a floor, Doctors are certainly doctoring you but the nurses are not nursing you and become abusive when you call about their about.
Yep I do not see mass amounts of people attacking the hospital physically, Instead they attack other people in stores. These protests are all freemason run and therefor Jew backed.
I have even talked to protesters and they are just as ignorant as the hospitals.

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pater409 1 month ago

Golly, isn't that something? What an extraordinary coincidence! Who would ever have guessed it?

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bannedforhatespeech 1 month ago

get the vaccine they said. you won't get covid they said.

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PAH4RMP 1 month ago

It's the "new strain" silly

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