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In Paul's Defense Pt 3

Brother Hebert
Published on 08 May 2021 / In Bible / Sermons

⁣Paul has been accused of being a false apostle and teaching a different gospel than the gospel Christ taught.
This presentation is the conclusion of the closing statements in the case against Paul.
Part 3 of 3.
Follow along with the document: In Paul's Defense

Did you know masks are sprayed with Ethylene Oxide? and have nano-worms?
Did you know the vaccine is not a 'vaccine', but rather gene modification therapy and ultimately a eugenics agenda? Do you know they never isolated the whole 'virus'? It's all based on computer models. The media is lying, the medical industry is in on it. The government is tyrannical and controlled by technocrats and bankers. Time to wake up and say 'NO'.

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TIGER 1 month ago

Good Evening Brother Hebert!

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