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In a recent propaganda video from the Council of Europe, 'Human Rights' commissioner, Bosnian TERRORIST Dunja Mijatović made the call for European countries to meet their 'obligations' towards migrants and 'refugees'

Published on 11 Mar 2021 / In Uncategorized

What does this mean then?
Southern European countries must transport and take in migrants in 'distress' from the Central Mediterrenean to their own shores;
Not hinder the migrant transporting NGOs activities, acting as sea-cabs and let migrants quickly disembark;
Not returning the migrants from where they came from (Libya);
Providing alternatives through 'safe and legal routes' including family reunification and resettlement;

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humanlover 4 days ago

I'm all for rescuing humans, but these people are not human.

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constitution_89 2 months ago

This has ALL been an Organized Invasion of White Europe by Zionist Agencies to fulfill the Kalergi Plan for White Extinction which is what the Chabad Lubavitch Sect of Zionist Jew's is Demanding and Organizing, the Terrorist "State" of Israel is behind this as is their operatives Everywhere there is White Western Culture & Civilization. The Jew's Are the Terrorists fomenting the instability in the ME & Africa to create these so-called "Refugees" and are also doing the same with Syria. THEY MUST BE STOPPED, AND STOPPED USING DEADLY FORCE BY THE EUROPEAN, AMERICAN, AUSTRALIAN & NEW ZEALAND PEOPLE BECAUSE THEIR GOVERNMENTS ARE COMPLICIT IN THIS CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY WHICH IS WHITE GENOCIDE.
The "Refugees" MUST be forced to Stay where they are and Not make their problem a Bigger Problem for Our White Countries. Israel takes NONE of these "Refugees" they are Demanding Everyone else to take because these people are NOT escaping Trouble, they are INVADING White Countries to Take them over and That MUST be STOPPED RIGHT NOW!! Those in Europe already MUST be sent back regardless of their situation, They are NOT Welcome nor do they deserve to be because this is a SCAM and a RUSE, TURN THEM ALL AWAY AND DON'T FALL FOR THE JEW'S LIES CREATED BY THEMSELVES, THEY WANT THEIR ONE WORLD LUCIFERIAN ZIONIST GOVERNMENT AND ARE DOING EVERYTHING TO ACHIEVE IT AND WHITE DEPOPULATION WITH GENOCIDE THAT WILL COME FROM THESE INVASIONS JUST AS QADDAFI WARNED IN 2010 AND IS WHY "THEY" HAD HIM KILLED AND LIBYA INVADED BY THESE SAME REFUGEES. STOP THEM NOW!!!

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LeniRiefenstahl 2 months ago

@Christis King.... you gota be kidding me? Let em drown! FFS.... They rape murder and steal cause riots set things on fire and your saying to /europeans that THEIR behaviour is unacceptablea? lolz Get some perspective!

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"Share responsibility FAIRLY among European countries?" (1:32) How about "...among AFRICAN shitholes?". Oh no. Sorry. That can't happen because every African TRIBE is incredibly racist against every other African tribe of Blacks. All of the Blacks are simply all of the turds shat out of every African country with a warlord in charge telling them to go to Europe and rape white women, or die. And who pays for all those boats in which they drown? Yep. The Jew. Follow the money of the people of the Serpent (Rev 12:15). They HAVE to drown. Or we will!

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