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Immeasurable Insanity - I doubt if these things are even human! Germany

Published on 01 Mar 2021 / In Uncategorized

Keeping your social distance in a bubble: that is what several dancers of the Stuttgart Ballet group did, all dressed up in their classical costumes, when they jumped inside a PVC bubble on Friday (February 26) to perform for German artist Florian Mehnert's project called 'Social Distance Stacks'.

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GoingClear 1 month ago

The parasites are laughing their asses off.

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jackellock 1 month ago

These people are incredibly stupid.

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Zombie_Annihilation 1 month ago

That's it I'm moving into my bunker permanently.

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Sherry Beme
Sherry Beme 1 month ago

An Asian ballerina. My god, do they have to copy everything that we do?

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Sherry Beme
Sherry Beme 1 month ago

This world is getting even more ridiculous that even I thought it could be.

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