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Imagine not being gripped on all the time

Published on 11 Feb 2021 / In Uncategorized

Imagine not being gripped on all the time

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ShortieLeeroy 2 months ago

Stop and search going well then.

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Allophylian 2 months ago


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Sherry Beme
Sherry Beme 2 months ago

They are cowardly little pack fighters. If whites did the same they would run like the little cowards that they are. They attack in packs and will not attack if there are three white people. They sure as hell love attacking the elderly as well.

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fromWOLFtoDOG 2 months ago

Sherry Beme .. I attended a 70% black middle school, and every single day it would be two or more black kids that would beat to hell out of white kids..''like me''.... So to make your point for you, If you punched one of them in the face, all of them would turn around and run away as fast as they could, which shows just how cowardly they really are as individuals, And will prey on you mercilessly until you fight back.

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