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Ian Cobain Discusses The Secret History Of Torture

Published on 28 Apr 2021 / In History
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DARRYL DUNCAN 2 months ago

Anybody that has been to jail or prison in the United States can tell you about torture. They are all built for nonJews. You will not be seeing any real Jews in these places. Whites are the largest majority in the jails and prisons and have been for 60 years but our medias are in the hands of the enemy. They will lie to you everyday. Our courts and police will lie to you everyday too about virtually everything they do. TV goes a long way towards having people believe things that aren't true. The truth is our newspapers haven't been publishing what we Whites have been saying about police corruption since 1980 that I know of and our courts have not been requiring proof of guilt for any crime since that time, for us Whites. In all of the courts you will see Jewish judges, District Attorneys, attorneys and police officers who work as a group together towards prosecuting us wrongfully and then having laws that make it a crime when we escape their custody. How could any Jew think to have rights or authority over a White man? Haven't they been paying out money to murder us in the hundreds of millions ever since the signing of our currency laws? Yes, they have, and when you look for tortures just preview what these Jews did to Whites in Russia after murdering the Czar. Yet, in these jails and prisons they grant to blacks far greater rights and privileges than us Whites. They punish us as a race for being White, specifically and make us serve longer terms than others because we are White. No movie has ever been made to describe what they do to us in their prisons but I have seen Whites killed and set up to be killed by the prison authorities. These people all sign nondisclosure agreements and lie as a group together. Their authority is in the guns they all have which they remove us Whites from having the right to possess.

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