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I have never seen this happen before.

Published on 09 Jun 2021 / In Uncategorized


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NewWorldCircus 7 days ago

And, when I say that NIGGERS love drama.

I mean that literally.

They live for it.

I used to work with NIGGERS (I'm a white/Latino guy).

They would try starting bullshit with me, and some other white guys at work.
The racism they aim at us is nothing new.

But, the enthusiasm they clearly feel when they slight their white coworkers.
The juckin' and Jivin' they do with their NIGGER coworkers after insulting a white coworker.
You can just see them rubbing their hands together, figuratively.

"ooooh, my NIGGA that white boy be scared of us, for real my NIGGA, that white boy gonna get it tomorrow, can't wait to see those white boy's tommorow"...

They live for bullshit drama.
It is their lifeblood.
They are exstatic to show to up to work to see what's gonna happen in the next episode of. "NIGGER workplace bullshit drama".

NIGGERS need to shoved in the oven.

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NewWorldCircus 7 days ago

NIGGERS love drama.

They have an inherently twisted sense of humor.

They love watching other people get seriously injured.
Getting their heads kicked in to the point of seizures, or brain damage.

To the NIGGER it's just another day, hanging out and having fun.
They lack empathy.

You could club one over the head with a baseball bat, and they still will never understand the pain they inflict on others.
They are a worthless race.

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NewWorldCircus 7 days ago

I can't stand NIGGERS

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NewWorldEbola 11 days ago

fucking little black cunt needs to be nigger dragged a few miles to finish the job.

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NAS6 14 days ago

I have never seen this

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