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I compiled these 5 examples when MSNBC cut into live feeds to say the speech was untrue and place themselves as arbiters of truth, for Americans.

Published on 05 Feb 2021 / In Censorship

Outrageous that they consider themselves as arbiters of truth!

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foffwankers 8 days ago

They love hiding the truth by saying its too hard to listen to. They act like pious "fact checkers"but are really snakes poisoning the truth. I find it hard to comprehend why their own voters don't see the same lies that every 2 eyed 2 eared sentient and honest human can . It's right in their face. Its like they're all possessed?

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momento 8 days ago

I think about that sort of thing, every day. It's unbelievable. There's a lot of people waking up to it now. More people joining WTV etc....

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Fryer 17 days ago

He should've act immediately!!! By making use of the US Military which he is in charge of....

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SaxonWarrior 23 days ago

The poor Russian people experienced the same outrageous kinds of hypocrisy and outright treachery in the early 1900's during the jewish Bolshevik coup and that ended up with over 65 million White Christians murdered in indescribable horrific ways!! PS Evil crypto Joe signed 33 EO's in 6 days, ALL blatantly anti-White , WATCH OUT!! IT'S TIME TO SECEDE!!
The League of the South
Shieldwall Network

History Of The Greatest Evil The World Has Ever Known - The Bolshevik J e ws, COMMUNISM!! This Is Who Controls The World Today!! They Want To Genocide The White Race!!


J e wish Murder


Eisenhower's(the j e w) American Death Camps On The Rhine


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WopDog 26 days ago

Talk about a feckless c..t, a lying whore ankle bone. I can't watch anymore, don't need elevated vitals.

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apekillerX 26 days ago

Death to the SOS !

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