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I believe Biden was wired 2 ways and there was real-time editing.

Published on 01 Oct 2020 / In Conspiracies

Yesterday's 1st presidential debate was hidding something if you looked carefully. If this is as I say, this is a big deal.
As Mick Jagger said "Well it just goes to show. Things are not what they seem"

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BridgeDweller 7 months ago

What's strange about it? Sleepy Joe needs 2 wires minimum so he can function, the one is for the earpiece and the other is his charger.

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Spectralwulf 8 months ago

The neck loop must have caused discomfort and when he mindlessly adjusted it - the wire poked out. He may as well be called cyborg Biden now. They probably have a battery shoved up his ass to keep him going while he thinks by transmitted signals. I wonder if his wife was the one on the other end of the transmitter? She seems to do everything else for him so why not his thinking?

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