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Humanity Is Lacking In Consciousness - Its Why We See The Herd Mentality Through All This Insanity

Published on 29 May 2021 / In People & Blogs

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Illusionist 2 months ago

What's the intro right before the matrix music?

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Fender 2 months ago

It seems most people remain high schoolers their entire lives.

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Lenny 2 months ago

It isn't just you, even though we are all scattered around one here and there it seems.
I am baffled wondering how this is all possible, and how and why it started too.

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Joel 2 months ago

To your point of certain people speaking up, mostly on certain corners of the internet. A lot of videos are popping up, of nurses, doctors, regular people calling out all this shit about the vaxx. (MOST of whom, wouldn't have had a single word to say about anything 14 months ago,...not until the bullshit came into THEIR house) And a lot of parents calling out the curriculum in the schools recently. Critical race theory, the sexual perversion they're taught. Well, mark my words, tell these people who is really behind all of this shit, and why,.....they will turn on you like a snake, faster than you can say, ''It's the Jews''. AND, most if not all, will have their kids talking like Snoop Dogg, dressed like prostitutes and drag queens, twerking while waiting in line for the vaxx. Spite?? Retardation?? Some kind of warped fuckin' manipulation in any case. People are so fuckin' afraid to be judged about the Jew, they're more than willing to throw their children on the giant fire of sacrifice the Jew has stoked for who knows how long.

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