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Human Kind Will Never Know Until They Begin To Question WHY

Published on 21 Nov 2020 / In People & Blogs

Thinking out loud...

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The Hague For Christof

And to the christian who says he sees God's protection of him in his life, what about the innocent children? I can't be satisfied with my comfort or blessing when I know all the evil that others are suffering.
I still believe the Father has spared me from things but at the same time I ask why me? Why all the suffering of innocents beyond my bubble.You're right, it does not make sense. At all. It's been about ten years since I rejected the state church model and have been shedding the doctines I shoe-horned into my brain. I am asking most of the same questions but I can't conclude that evil created us who can love and feel empathy...but then why would all that is good and true and right create and allow evil? Yeah man, why indeed.

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II_TheRook_II 4 days ago

Very good vid. I have also thought about this kind of thing often. Growing up in a Christian family, I always poked holes in the stories. Holes that no one liked me poking. “Because it’s in the Bible” just never really worked on me. Though I like the Christian religion and I do believe if everyone lived as the New Testament speaks of the world would be 1000 times better, I could never shake these holes I saw in the overall story.

One of the holes is like what you are talking about. If God came here as Jesus for the people 2020 years ago, why would he not let us all know he is real now? Just knowing for sure that he is real would straighten many people out who are lost or seemingly evil.

Practicing Christians will tell you it is because we are supposed to have faith. As it is part of the test to reach heaven. I always tell them that it is unfair then, because why did the people around 2020 years ago get to see him in action, but not everyone else since then?

It’s not an equal opportunity to believe he is real IMO and in my mental image of God, not giving equal opportunity isn’t something he would do.

It is possible he helps people in ways we just don’t know. Like manipulation of chance. Who you run into, where and why. It is possible that God is in your conscious and he helps direct the path you take. You don’t have to listen, but he does give direction that could positively impact you.

Good vid anyway. All stuff we would all love to have the answers to.

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SelousScout 4 days ago

Read the book Magus of Java , in that book it shows what we humans have laying dormant within us , it is this power the Jew has worked for centuries to destroy ,
In that book the author is a Christian, this shows the ultimate design of the mind virus where those powers that can be achieved are seen as Demonic and against the foreskin collecting Yahweh .

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feralimal 4 days ago

I like the question - 'Why?' and I like your investigations. I am no further along in getting a meaningful answer.

I have a skeptical bent. When you talk about the ancient Sumerians, and the existence of wars, I wonder whether these are even true. I challenge myself over all the things I think I know but have not experienced. Where did those beliefs come from? So, here, were the ancient Sumerians even real? Are wars as they are portrayed, or are they just groups of people working together (controlled demolition and strategic relocation as Dave J says)? After all there is just a single governance structure. Perhaps they were just doing a complicated project very quickly, and some people died.

To me, it seems that it is not that the world is just evil, but that it is some mix of evil and dramatics. In fact, it could be that it really is only dramatics - that a show is performed and we are allow ourselves to believe it to be true. And as most people are asleep or inauthentic, they accept their education, they then also go along with the drama, and accept and play their role. They do not engage with their heart/inner knowing/conscience, and express that in the world.

It seems that there is a strong element of belief to how we see the world, and how we explain it to ourselves. Whatever the answer is, to me it seems that some part of it has to be to ditch the hearsay.

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historyburied 5 days ago

The only way any of this Demiurgic System (as Thrice8Hermes calls it) makes any sense to me personally is that we are possibly a recently dysgenically altered/engineered/interfered with domesticated sub species and whatever created the original mankind has nothing to do with us. I see modern humanity as a tragic byproduct of this interference, engineered for farming purposes that are ongoing with us being the livestock.
We seem to be a work in degression, the great work and the epsilon agenda come to mind.
I don't believe all the stories we have been told about our glorious ancestors rebelling uprising and carrying out revolutions because most of those stories sources lack evidence.
I suspect It's these stories that are being used as metascripting to game our perceptions for purposes of mind control. I also think that all this has recently been done to us. I don't think modern humans are very old at all.
Apologies in advance if that offends people, it's just my opinion based on what I see around me and the sources of these stories that we have been handed. It's a heartbreaking situation.
Thank you for your work.

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