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How To Fight Active Shooters (And Win)

Published on 28 Mar 2021 / In Hoaxes / False Flags

How To Fight Active Shooters (And Win)

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Zombie_Annihilation 18 days ago

This society is such a fucking joke.

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Ghost of Violence
Ghost of Violence 22 days ago

reply to rebel99, please note i mean this politely.

1.) i consider it a war for individual souls, which each person can win or lose their own.
Gordon Kahl won his soul, he was attacked by cops and killed 3 of them.

2.) i consider it a war for the white race, and i will die but the white race can survive this.

3.) you say "we", that's a critical word to me, i am not among that we;
2ndly you say "we" and you are female, i am male,
i'm sorry but females are not our warriors nor our leaders.
matriarchy is a jewish agenda. i do not mean to insult, but inform.

you can believe as you wish, on spiritual and on patriarchy; i present what i believe and how i live.

4.) we would easily win against police if enough males become men.

5.) the nwo would quickly send in the usa mil, but about 1/3rd of them are already
against the nwo and would defect to the patriot side, they have already been
making talk of this among all that i know personally.
in 2005 katrina one marine seargant and his platoon refused to confiscate guns.

6.) at this point the nwo would add in the un, which would be niggers and chinks mostly.
it would be a full scale war in america.
many men would win their souls, many males would lose their souls.
many would die, some would survive.

7.) all who bow to the nwo will become tortured slaves and then die and go to hell.

again i am in this for souls, and for the white race.
it's obvious our souls can be won;
if enough whites stand up, they also can keep alive the white race.

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Shaddy 23 days ago

Quick, get the armored home depot dolly!

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Ghost of Violence
Ghost of Violence 24 days ago

"Dick Act of 1902 -Cannot be repealed. Gun control forbidden.
The right to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed."

Lawi i mean this politely but we've got to get this straight,

1.) dick act 1903 removed militia and instituted nat'guard,
it was called the militia act because it was an attack on our militia,
just as the patriot act was an attack on patriots.

2.) we already have the 2A and it does nothing because it is the use of words against guns,
which does nothing. it is already "infringed" beyond recognition.

until righteous men are willing to kill armed attackers which is cops, and die if necessary,
then we will continue to fail;

the "laws" are owned by them not us.
using their laws will not win against their attack,

to say so is hopium.

please give me info if i have any of this incorrect, i study continuously.

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rebel99 23 days ago

our men and patriots have been chemically castrated. we have weapons and are afraid to use them. good men wont rise up and fight because they have a family, home and job to consider. we have become too comfortable and addicted to compliance just to keep our useless shit and be comfortable. when the situation becomes unbearable, men will be disarmed and too weak to fight. also we cannot fight against satans demonic foot soldiers (police) with our weapons. they are useless against real millitary weapons and NO ONE is going to supply patriots with real weapons and air support

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Ghost of Violence
Ghost of Violence 22 days ago

@rebel99: hi rebel99, i'll reply above for spacing reasons.

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Ghost of Violence
Ghost of Violence 24 days ago

active jewters.

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