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How the ancient Greeks knew the Earth was round. All you need is sticks, eyes, feet and brains.

Published on 13 Mar 2021 / In Flat Earth

How the ancient Greeks knew the Earth was round. All you need is sticks, eyes, feet and brains.

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This has been disproven, this would happen on a flat plane due to perspective... get real

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TIGER 3 days ago

anyone familiar with 'tri-angles' would agree, but hey- -he's a cool easygoing guy with a bendy bit of board so it must be science

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Soldier1 1 month ago

Oh thank God! Someone else besides me thinks Earth is round.

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Truepremise 1 month ago

I knew this because of visibility concerning star constellations disappearing, not shadows [cuz I pay attention to implied exclusion & inclusion. What the fuck is wrong with you people?
22ᛋ/S comes before 28ɸ/Sh.

VIKING POWER! Because fuck math when you can just SEE the damn facts, KIKE WORSHIPERS!

Here are the 40 Letters pronouncible by Mouth & their symbols respectfully. I have the corporeal references available for anticipatory release.
1. ᚨ/A 2. ᛒ/B 3. ᚲ/C 4. ᛞ/D 5. ᛖ/E 6. ᛃ/J 7. ᚠ/F 8. ᚻ/H 9. ᛁ/I 10. G/G 11. ᚲ/K 12. ᛚ/L 13. ᛗ/M 14. ᚾ/N 15. Z/Z 16. X/X 17. ᛘ/ᛦ/Y 18. W/W 19. V/V 20. ᚢ/U 21. ᛏ/T 22. ᛋ/S/ß/[ss] 23. ᚱ/R 24. Ϙ/Q 25. ᛈ/P 26. ᛟ/O 27. þ/Th 28. ɸ/Sh 29. ⊕/Ph 30. ϴ/Uu 31. Θ/Rsr 32. ⊗/Bite-Nail 33. ᚼ/Catharsism 34. ☽/Lϴnillr-Luck-Tongue 35.⛤/Zentillr-Cheek-Echo 36. Yÿ/Jexillr-Bubble-Crush 37.⛰️/LaziSeptillr-Belch 38. 🙏/Hexillr-Moϴth-Open 39. ꏀ/卍/Hevillr-Nonillr-Gasp 40.꓀/Tetradecillr-Rigor-Mortis-Fart

Fact: Time authorizes geometry to govern numbers before math & morality....apologies & spare RϴNES. [LAUGHS IN VIKING]

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NewWorldCircus 1 month ago

What the fuck are you talking about!?!?!?!? Speak English, Fucko!!!!

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Savage99 1 month ago

Shhhhhhh.... Don't tell Nick! The Antikythera mechanism shows that the ancient Greeks were well aware of the size of the Earth, the fact that it was round, the fact that it rotates on its axis as it circumnavigates the Sun and that its travels are affected by the proximity of other planets in a cyclical pattern.

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FridgeDucky 1 month ago

Flatheads, it's over! Admit defeat. Just say the Earth's round as it's supposed to be. Saying it's flat won't change anything.

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