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How Putin Colonized Mars

Published on 19 Nov 2020 / In Hoaxes / False Flags

Putin is going to Mars (music video) by Em (022000) & Sonic Fury

How Putin colonised Mars ...

15 Mar 2018 - "Vladimir Putin announces mission to MARS next year followed by manned trips in bid to colonise the Red Planet"

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Schpankme Verimuch
Schpankme Verimuch 5 days ago

It was the Roman Judaeo-Freemasonry Vatican.
1543 - Jesuits invent Theory Heliocentricism
1582 - Jesuits invent Heliocentric calendar (Pope Gregorian calendar)
1651 - Jesuits invent Moon features (Selenography)
1658 - Jesuits invent Theory of Germ disease (see Virus)
1763 - Jesuits invent Theory Atomic Energy
1809 - Jesuits invent Theory Transmutation of Species (see Theory of Evolution)
1923 - Jesuits invent Theory Missing Link (bones lost molds prove find)
1931 - Jesuits invent Theory Big Bang (another ejaculation into the virgin source)
Lets recap - Roman Judaeo-Freemasonry sell two (2) products:
1. HEAVEN, Faith (pretend); Theist
2. SPACE, Theory (pretend); Atheist

Deep State - Roman Judaeo-Freemasonry:
Khazarian > National Bolsheviks > Communists > NAtional ZIonist, Liberalism

Deep State - Corporate Ownership:
Vatican (Jesuits), FBI, CIA, KGB, CDC, BLM, ANTIFA, WHO, UN, EU, NAACP, NBA, NFL, MLB, HOLLYWOOD, AP, ABC, CNN, NBC, TYT, MSNBC, CBS, FOX, C-SPAN, ESPN, MSM, PBS, BBC, NASA, SPACEX, Nobel Peace Prize, ADL, Educational System, Wall Street, Federal Reserve, Banking, JPMorgan Chase, FedEx, BET, Starbucks, Monsanto, Burger King, Pizza Hut, KFC, McDonalds, Wendys, DQ, Nike, IBM, Microsoft, Apple Computer, Discover, RedHat, Zillow, Amazon, Spotify, Imgur, Disqus, PayPal, AOL, Home Depot, Ebay, Chrome, Google, DuckDuckGo, YouTube, GoFundMe, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, Patreon, Reddit, Infowars, BEST BUY, TARGET, GENERAL MILLS, NIKE, DC COMICS, GOODYEAR, Disney, Netflix, Costco, Walmart, Wikipedia, other

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UninformedConsent 5 days ago

Hope the program works better than the USSR moonshot. That footage of the rocket exploding in the sixties was crazy. Especially the guys on fire running.

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