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how NOT to deal with zombies...

Published on 21 Sep 2020 / In Jewish Question


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thealbanianprophet2020 2 months ago

EXCEPT, the zombies aren't jews, the zombies are the mongrel dna (golems) used by the predators trying to kill the alpha predator (european white race).

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ADOLF HITLER 2 months ago

The part where the german speaks is a perfect allegory to how the world treated us germans after ww2. And he reacts in the way many good germans did- shut up and took it.

But, on the other hand, you have men like Ernst Zundel and more who fought back. #thebitchthatborethebeastisinheatagain

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UnreconstructedRebel 2 months ago

I'm sick of how they ridicule Germans and southerners on the talmud-vision.

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PFAER 2 months ago

Thi is hilarious. The awkwardness ...

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DelagoriusFinley 2 months ago

This about sounds like more than half the people i have to deal with, I bring up the problems of society into the discussion and they're very eager to get rid of those problems until i relate that those problems are all caused by Jews, Then they immediately start having a fucking mental breakdown.

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Jill_Kews 2 months ago

After a lengthy discussion with my brother about the current state of the world he accused me of "looking for reasons to hate Jews". Just the mere mention of the word "jew" reboots their brain and initiates the programmed response.

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Arnoldus Priamos
Arnoldus Priamos 2 months ago

where does this come from?

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DanTheOracle 2 months ago

i have absolutely no idea, ryan dawson played it as part of one of his live streams and i just clipped it out of that

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exium 2 months ago

The Zombie Solution

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