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How Do Humans Transmute "BeLIEfs Into KNOWING?

Published on 22 Jun 2021 / In People & Blogs

⁣These are the types of lessons that a life of pain and suffering will teach you, if.. you're paying attention and most people aren't.
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mics972 1 month ago

I stepped in Chaplain Bob Walker's Baptist Christian dogmatic crap and he { Blocked } me!

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mics972 1 month ago

To know the truth and to find the truth, we must look into ourselves!
What is told to us, or what we read and what we see on TV are all manipulated.
GOD dwells inside of all of us.
Knowing this truth, we can not be deceived.
The truth is inside of us!

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Yoyne Rosenkranz
Yoyne Rosenkranz 1 month ago

Thanks for a vid. I've also tried many ways to get the sense of what's happening, tried to know my ass. I discovered only more misery and weakness. Fuck everything. The only somewhat fulfilling thing in my life that I have is trying to make shitty jokes on WTV. My education seems meaningless. Sorry for spamming your comments with garbage.

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If you're referring to your comment here, I don't see it as spamming or garbage. If there's anyone that knows about suffering and misery and even weakness, it's me.

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