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How Black Lives Don't Matter in Israel

Published on 13 Dec 2020 / In Israel / Zionism

How Black Lives Don't Matter in Israel
While the Israeli state espouses multiculturalism and diversity, it oppresses not just the Palestinian population, but also any Black person within its borders.

From warehousing African asylum seekers in giant prison camps, to criminalizing and carrying out eugenics programs against its Ethiopian Jewish citizens, Israel’s treatment of Black people reveals that the Zionist project is not just about Jewish supremacy, but also white supremacy.

In this on-the-ground investigation, Abby Martin talks to Osman Ali, a refugee from Darfur, at Holot prison camp about the treatment of refugees by the government, and Tehune Maharat, an Ethiopian Jewish activist whose cousin was killed in an apparent hate crime by Israeli police, about the rampant and institutional racism in the country.

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Soldier1 7 months ago

If blacks could just learn to govern and feed themselves they'd be better off. They're in Israel looking for handouts and an easier life. Personally, I have no pity for them as we face the same dilemma in the USA. I only wish we could do this to blacks, and also Jews.

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kalleanka 7 months ago

They are living in "Hotel california" poor folks,,

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