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how astronauts train before they go to space

Published on 29 Mar 2021 / In Flat Earth
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Peck Erwood
Peck Erwood 18 days ago

good god look at all those jews.
what more do you need to prove that its a scam>???? follow the nose!

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David Edyn
David Edyn 18 days ago

I'm a believer that if a large collective of people value something, there is merit & value to it. Obviously, everyone that believes Flat-Earth can just be crazy, but let's not go with that.

Nihilism, Pessimism, Fatalism, Blackpill, Redpill, etc.
All these ideologies of "Truth" always have a bad stigma do them, because like all ideologies everything can be debunked / dismissed, but there are jems of truth within everything.

I'm curious what truth, if any, Flat-Earth has.

Is there any video that exists that can explain logically why Flat-Earth is real, or is just vague coincidences.

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Peck Erwood
Peck Erwood 18 days ago

its not so much what truth flat earth may have but more like what truth does our globe system lack. which it lacks a whole lot. throw in the moon landing / ISS deception ontop of the 6 million other jewish scams that comprise our reality and its hard to not be convinced the globe system is bullshit

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apekillerX 21 days ago

The only outer space that exists , is in a huge fish tank with the lights turned off ! When the hell will White's ever awaken to all the fake ass jew / SOS lies and deception ?? There are too many frauds and pseudo science to enumerate ! Here are just a few : " holohoax - fake ass money - fake ass news - fake ass egalitarianism - fake ass judeo christian zionism aka subhuman ape and fake ass jew worship and universalism - fake ass macaroni virus - fake ass outer space and this planet moving in 6 different directions hurtling thru so called space , at millions of MPH - fake ass evolution !! The famous motto of all fake ass jews is : "" IF IT'S NOT THERE - WE WILL MAKE IT ALL UP "".

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HereAmI 22 days ago

"Hey mommy! Can I be an astronaut when I grow up too?"
"Of course you can Timmy.
But first you'll have to join the masons, and swear bloodcurdling oaths to never tell what you see."
"OK, mommy."

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