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Homo Instinctuses: Dissecting Organic Portals, Biorobots, NPCs [English Hardsub]

Published on 04 Jun 2021 / In Slavery

A man gets on a tram and suddenly gets enlightened. This is a good short introduction to the mental anatomy of the sheeple otherwise known as "lemmings", "hamsters", "the herd", "masses", "stupid goyim", "NPCs", "HPBs", "slaves", "normies", "orcs", "sub-humans", "biorobots", "biobots", "zombies", "average Joes", "veggies", "blue-pills", "simps", "manginas" and, of course, "order followers". Learning about them is the key to a thinking man's survival in this predatory Flat Earth realm.

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Duck 3 days ago

these skunks are running everything into the ground, the wrecking balls of society

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Soldier1 21 days ago

Fascinating. I've always been a non conformist, and it has gotten me into trouble a few times. But, I'll never be any other way. I don't care what anyone says. One person told me that I liked freedom too much. IMO there's never too much freedom.

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Iverology_Phd 21 days ago

This video seems nothing special. His language is lame. Yet it has a strange vibe to it. It hits harder than many others. For this reason I made subtitles only to preserve the emotional impact with intonations.

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WhiteNight 21 days ago

@IvTv: You well put, yes, simplicity is the shortcut to the truth

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