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Holohoax Tales - Water came out twice...instead of gas

Published on 14 Mar 2021 / In HoloHoax / WW1 & WW2

20 stycznia 2019
Bogdan Bartnikowski."Water! Relief. Not our turn yet. We will still make it back to the barracks today"

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gazzydka 2 days ago

How they suppose pump not pressurized gas from zyklon b canisters trough water pipes evades any plumber till today. At least this full was clean and disease free. That holohoax shower survival story was told in polish language . I understand, boys like him then thought little of personal hygiene and washing was cause of major trauma.. People bathed only weekly or even less frequently then. In K.L. avoiding pandemic was major businesses forced by Germans, by isolating sick during naked post shower health inspection by medical staff . Much like today China virus lock-down, distancing, quarantining, vaxing GOVERNMENT TERROR !

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mat6719 1 month ago

It was nothing more than rumors going around the camps at that time. If this man had made a basic effort to learn the truth he would have found out how woefully inefficient it was to kill people in this manner.

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Hanssen 1 month ago

Poor soul..

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