Holohoax Tales - Jewish Narnia - Escaped through a wardrobe into the snow

Published on 14 Oct 2020 / In HoloHoax / WW1 & WW2

Ben Lesser claims he escaped through a wardrobe and it was snowing on the other side.

Youtube: Holocaust Museum LA
Oct 13, 2020
Holocaust Survivor Talk: Ben Lesser

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GlitterFinch 10 days ago

So the Nazis didn't see them from the rooftops?
Glad I stopped buying these stories.

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Ral9010NatSoc 11 days ago

Hahaha, well you can't say they don't have any fantasy. Fucking liars. Ever heard of this one?

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Lever_Action 11 days ago

Once you get jew-wise and see all the whoppers that they tell constantly you get super pissed. Then, later, you realize how many other people, maybe even your own fellow Whites, were involved in keeping this all covered up. FFS Ray Charles could see through this bullshit. These race traitors need to be scrubbed along with the rats

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Ral9010NatSoc 11 days ago

@Lever_Action: : They'll get a bullet first. Still, can't help but be amazed by what absolute non-sense they come up with.

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