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Hitlers War - The Last Christian Crusade

White Power
Published on 23 Mar 2021 / In History

Check out these other great channels from fine brothers (if you havnt already):

Will add more as i remember them, if i am leaving anyone out that has recommended me, PLEASE let me know and i will add your channel to the list!!

I am now starting to re-upload all 1500 videos that took me 3 years to upload on bitch-chute, i'll be uploading some new(er) ones along the way. Some things that you MUST understand are that...the hook nosed evil mongrel disease that call themselves "jews" are NOT the Israel of the Bible, the White race is. They are NOT of Shem, the White race is, therefore when they use the term "anti-semite" they're using it falsely claiming to be of Shem. They are NOT true Hebrew, again that applies to the White race only. They are NOT of the tribe of Judah, the White race of (primarily) Germany are the TRUE Judaites, so when they call themselves "jews" they're FALSELY claiming to be the tribe of Judah which they are NOT. What they are is filthy cainite mongrels, the murderers and liars of the planet. The war the evil hook nosed pigs wage against Gods TRUE chosen people, the White Race, still rages on MANY millennia later and the evil ones MUST be completely destroyed or everything in creation will continue to suffer and die because of them!!! Understand that those who have built ALL great civilizations are the White Race and the White Race ONLY, those are the FACTS!!!!!!! The hook nosed pigs are RACE MURDERERS and HERITAGE STEALERS, just like their nigger brothers!!!!!!! I add new links below from time to time so always look through them closely for any changes!!!

Please visit: for some GREAT Biblical truths!!!!!!!
& <<<(Be careful, i dont know how much is real and how much may be hook nosed psyop lies) (Music and more) (Free Aryan Music Downloads)

PLEASE help to spread this healing truth to awaken ALL your Aryan brothers and sisters!!!!!!!

Alle Juden müssen sterben!!!!!!!

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Chaplain Bob Walker
Chaplain Bob Walker 2 months ago

If Hitler was a "Christian" doing the will of the Lord, why did they lose?

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White Power
White Power 2 months ago

Yes he certainly was a Christian doing the will of the Almighty. Is it not written? Do not the Scriptures have to be fulfilled? Didnt Christ say that if they persecuted (and murdered) Him they would also do the same to those of His? The Saints were overcome, as its written in Scripture....thats what happened when Germany was defeated by a world full of murderous mongrel sub-animals and their mindless followers.

You can ask questions like that all day long....saying "If that White child was innocent and of the Almighty God then why did he/she get brutally murdered by blacks/jews/non-whites?", well, its not because the child is to blame or has any fault, neither was the NSDAP to blame or have any fault.

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constitution_89 4 months ago

I'm a First Generation Irishman born in the U.S.A. and I Know Germany and Uncle Adolph were Good and True and it Breaks my heart to watch these videos knowing that my American Countrymen Fought and Killed those We should have allied ourselves with but We had Traitors like FDR and Churchill and the ENEMY Owned & Controlled MSM of the day, the radio and "News"papers that brainwashed All the young American's and British Against the True Saviors of Western Civilization.... and I Ask, "God, WHY??" Why did you not only let Germany succeed, but Why did you permit the successful Landing in Normandy on June 6th, 1944 when You could have just as Easily stopped it? Waiting One more year may have made All the difference in the Outcome of the War. Germany not Only Should have Won, but American's Should have Refused War with Germany, Our Brothers and Sisters but that's Why FDR the 33rd degree Freemason and Traitor arranged for Japan to go to War with America and not Only did he provoke it, he Hid Japan's Declaration of War from the World for at least SIX Days because that is when the Australian Intelligence Agency cabled the White House Warning that a Large Japanese Naval Flotilla with Aircraft Carriers was headed East toward Hawaii but Never got a Reply because a Surprise Attack is what the Heavily Communist Infiltrated Roosevelt Administration knew what was needed to Anger the young American Youth to Join up with the Services that next Monday morning of Dec. 8th, 1941, a example of playing with the Public's emotions to send them to War. Unfortunately, if this is even True, Germany declared War on America because America Declared War on Japan. That was One mistake Hitler shouldn't have made, Again, If he actually did. We unfortunately Can't change the Past and now Here We Are with the Jew World Order that Germany Tried to prevent from Ever happening just arond the corner now with "'Their"' NWO almost complete as soon as Biden Destroys what's Left of America.....

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White Power
White Power 4 months ago

The situation was, there was no way that Germany could have prevented war with the jew-nighted states. The jewnighted states, the soviet jewnion and the jew k were ALL united against Hitler and the German folk BEFORE Hitler declared war, even before japan attacked pearl harbor. The jew-nighted states being lead by the known jew roosenfelt ("roosevelt", along with the known jews churchill and stalin) had already been helping the jew k by allying itself with the all-lies ("allies", or allied forces of evil) and were attacking German ships and subs, even non-war ships were being attacked by the allied forces of evil. The satanic jews that were in total control of the jew-nighted states, the jew-nighted kingdom and the soviet jewnion were going to have that war and NOTHING was going to stop it (except the Almighty Himself and it unfortunately wasnt in the plan). They were going to murder the German folk because they had broken away from the jew monetary system and was no longer enslaved to it thanks to Hitler the Great. Germany now served as the prime example for the world how great things could be without the satanic jews. The Almighty wants to destroy ALL of (((them))) and their sub-animals, and His word must be fulfilled in His time. Fine comment brother, thanks much for it and welcome! :)

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heartshorses 4 months ago

If ever there was an example of what a real Christian is I would have to say that Mein Furher is it.

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jackellock 4 months ago

She's a little flat and has no breath support.

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apekillerX 4 months ago

Fear not Fellow Brethren ! We will survive and we , with our Creator Yahweh , will Avenge the murder of all Our Ancestors ! Long Live The White Aryan Adamic Israelite Race ! Sieg Heil ! 🙏👊💪👫👪💑

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