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🕵️‍♀️Hidden in Plain Sight

Published on 05 Jun 2021 / In Slavery

⁣Hey, everyone!
This is a little compilation of sorts i threw together for you all.
Its got a Lot in it; so brace yourselves... lol.

Take care and all the best!

Remember: you ARE loved<3


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DARRYL DUNCAN 12 days ago

The first thing we have to think about all of these people who Lead us is that they are liars and, murderers. This is the 1st thing and nothing that comes out of their mouths is about any love of anyone outside of their group. They will tell us any lie to go along with their agenda as was shown with our World Wars, which they still imprison people over who disagree with their narrative. No, there is no virus. There is no need of anyone receiving injections from these people. The lockdowns is one they impose from the position of being able to kill millions of people with an economy shutdown while remaining well fed themselves. In a sane world all of our bank owners would be killed along with everyone of authority who continue lying to us about the World Wars but this is a Dictatorship we all live beneath and these people are asking you to voluntarily kill yourself so their soldiers won't do it for them.

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CelticAwake 11 days ago

😞Its sad to think of, but these criminals in “power” have been In “power” probably since the very begining of existence itself😑😓 They openly brag in the media, books, interviews etcetc about how they Are the global minority and nobody can do anything— and how the rest of the world is “useless eaters”. Im not too sure what Your thoughts are on this, but🧐 Im thinking this is certainly not the first time this planet has had a “great reset”. These criminals Always use religion as a means to pull off some sort of “end times” scenario, and seen as they have CERN and HAARP, they Always manipulate the earths atmosphere (while at the same time damaging it), and they destroy everything on the surface while they hide in their Mountains and bunkers etcetc with all their piles of money, cloned food, high tech; etcetc. They wait til those of us on the surface are wiped out, then they come back up and a new cycle of this BS is started all over again. And Because most of these criminals merely Look White..😑 Many of the other races have an “ancestral memory” Of these criminals doing whats happening now— and when life comes back to earth, the Whites are blamed for Everything; and its a Continuous cycle of blaming the Whites. I think CERN and their big banks need to be wiped out. We need to kill the “god” of these creatures. Sorry for that rant!😓 But yes; youre 100% right. They Are liars and murderers, and my god. You can see it in their eyes alone, they get huge Joy out of human suffering. Its disgusting. There is no virus, not from what im seeing 🧐 and it makes me so sad to see so many people in my personal life scared of all this, and wilingly comply. I dont want the needle, it doesnt make any sense and its freaky how its turning people into magnets😓 If you look further enough through history, this is a common occurabce that happens: its always (((“royalty”))) that does exactly what you said; theyll celebrate and have big feasts, they'll have the easy life; while us “peasants” are out in the field doing their stupid wars for them, doing slave labour for them, and their way of “payment” is enslaving us and killing us all. They Always bear that stupid cross or 6-pointed star, and use it as a means to justify their “godly” status. I still have a rough time with all this “religion” crap, but i honestly gota say; since learning that theres always a 2nd side to wars (including this one😒) ive never felt more free. Israel is so damn annoying!😤 But theyre not the only ones we’re up against😓😞 Its always their “god” (money💸) that gets us in these messes, and im tired of them using our people as soldier pawns for their stupid wars. The time has come, i think; for humanity to realize, we are our Own “saviours”. We need to collectively, as a species, wake up from this horrific world these criminals have had planned for us

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HEILHITLER1488 12 days ago


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mics972 12 days ago

Celtic Crusader - Dave Allen on the LGBT Agenda

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CelticAwake 12 days ago

LOL! O gawd they probably Will make it compulsery :(

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