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Hey brother, smile... At least you're not a coon :)

Published on 17 Oct 2020 / In Wholesome / Feel Good

Just kangs being kangs!
You couldn't find a video of white people fighting in large crowds for no reason, other a badass western brawl from a movie, or actual footage of one of the jew instigated brother wars. Civility is a white trait. These races decided to give that up when they decided to mix with the beasts and angels.
Whenever something bad comes your way, remember this phrase:
"It's alright, I'm white!"

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Hail Victory!
Praise Yahweh!
Long live the TRUE SONS OF ISRAEL!

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milhouse 7 months ago

The Coming Second Civil War: Part Three

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VaXXXaNation 9 months ago

I Enjoy the comment section so much.

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southern1861 9 months ago

Definitely uncivil. They don't know how to talk things over. All they know how to do is fight, and the rest of the yard apes join in and attack. No IQ whatsoever. They are worse than animals.

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PatriisVirtutibus 9 months ago

I don't know of any other homogeneous group of animals that would ever just begin attacking their own pack together nor kill their own kind in such large amounts without reason. It's probably a flaw in their genetics, similar to how ants can begin spiraling in circles together until they starve. Out of all life on Earth, niggers really are an anomaly.

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Flew 9 months ago

The no weave left behind....

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iamfjk 9 months ago

There will be no race war because subhuman apes are not even remotely classified as a "RACE"
niggers are the most dangerous predatory and subhuman biped on earth.
They need to be bloody damn exterminated any way possible .
Methods of destruction needed to deal with enormous hordes of subhuman apes , requires the utilization of weapons / weaponry capable of exterminating vast numbers of marauding beasts of the field , with extreme impetuosity and the highest kill ratios per area of land.
They must be blanketed and carpet bombed using multiple stationary armored vehicles , with very high velocity flamethrowers , using high grade napalm , 100% medical grade O2 , or Liquid Oxygen mixed with nano sized thermite.
Continue advancing towards the highest concentrations of savages until they are completely covered and immobilized with napalm . The armored flame throwing vehicles each tow a 10,000 Gallon capacity armored set of tankers .
One filled with napalm / O2 , the other with thermite.
Aircraft equipped with drop tanks filled with the mixture of "N.O.T." can also destroy and repel huge numbers of boot lips .

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