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⁣Here's the little sticks people are shoving up their nose to "test for covid"

Published on 05 May 2021 / In Uncategorized

⁣Here's the little sticks people are shoving up their nose to "test for covid"

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WhiteMiasma 1 month ago

Major family event went on that you needed to have vaxproof or test proof - I missed it.

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Paulsmithatkins 1 month ago


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Spectralwulf 1 month ago (edited)

Every aspect of this C19 operation seems to involve a degree of evil, with child exploitation now being added to the list. I despise the morals of the third world trash willing to enslave children and yet I'm the bad guy - the mean racist for not wanting such inhumane scum to invade my homeland and bring their values with them. As if I unfairly hate them just for their dark skin and not the dark souls that too frequently inhabit their kind. Their own greed, selfishness and ignorance is why third world countries forever retain the label "developing" and never develop on their own without foreign aid.

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watching_the_watchers 1 month ago

cheaper labour costs= more shekels

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Whitmann 1 month ago (edited)

Disgusting!!! Scratching their dirty, swarthy feet Is a national pastime for Tamils in India...

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