Hail Victory: Bitchute: No Censorship Huh?

Published on 13 Oct 2020 / In Hollywood / Jewish Media

HailVictory: https://www.bitchute.com/video/HVh9S71OWCH3/

HailVictory: https://worldtruthvideos.org/@HailVictory

My channel "FUCK_all_jews"
must have caused them a lot of problems.
So they decided to chase it away.
Although I expected it, I followed the search for friendly channels that they cleaned one by one, and realized that it was soon my turn to remove me from this platform.

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bitchute 3 days ago

Wasnt me bro

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MoonFan9x 3 days ago


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AlexXIV 5 days ago

the kikes have sunk their teeth into BITCHute

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utubepariah 6 days ago

I think Bichute is making a play for respectability in an effort to boost their mainstream salability i.e.,they want ads.) Classic political maneuver: establish your base and then move to the center.

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TheEvilWhite 7 days ago

BITCHshoot has run its course.

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iamfjk 6 days ago

They delete all of my comments and so I left that website. They have turned bitchute into jewtube and facebook. All fake azz jews are desperate to control information / narrative.

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TheEvilWhite 6 days ago

@iamfjk: I left the day Disqus disabled the picture/meme posting feature. Got tired of the same old repetitive, speculative smartassery of Sticksandhammers, Tim Tool, and Dr. Turkey. Plus, the platform catered to kike-centric channels anyway such as Avi Yemini, Zionist Report and Subverse news while quietly shadow banning other users.

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