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H.c.h.t.T Part 19. Odin the Raven God - The Dark Path of Wisdom

Beyond Infinity
Published on 29 May 2021 / In Wholesome / Feel Good

The more you know, the more you will see, that all Religions come from the exact same Wisdom, of Duality within Trinity.
⁣"Ordo Ab Chao" Order out of Chaos. Before building comes Destruction. ALLWAYS. You can not build a Table without cutting down a Tree, build a House without carving the Stone out the Ground, Life would Killing, eating a Plant or Animal. So how can you learn, without Mistakes? We only Learn after we went through the darkness, within and without.

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DARRYL DUNCAN 13 days ago

Not many of us that get sent to Federal Prison don't begin to follow in the teachings of the All-Father. About anything a White man does is something a cop will call a crime and they get away with manufacturing crimes against us so much. In the prisons we want a place where we can go and not have to be around blacks and Mexicans and other non-Whites so it was David Lane of the 14/88 created for us the Kindred Religion of the White Race from before Christianity. In a Christian Church you might see people of any race but we do not allow anyone that isn't White in our Odinist Kindreds. We really are being pressed from all sides, to mix and be around people of other races too much. Getting along with others is fine but we need some places with our own kind. If you look at any Federal Officer you are looking at a Jew, an enemy within. Jews created the Federal Reserve Act which is their own gang. Stealing and robbing others of their personal property and placing us into their prisons they get away unpunished everyday in the genocide of our race. We look to the All-Father and he tells us to be Warriors and to look at Jews as Jotun's- the most evil people on earth.

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