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H.c.h.t.T Part 18. Ancient Language/ Math, A Mathematician's View 2/2 (Jews)

Beyond Infinity
Published on 29 May 2021 / In Documentaries

⁣⁣In the next 3 Videos, (16.17.18) we will see how the Ancient Aryan Mathematical Language. Based on Vortex Math, or Language of God. Was taken/ used through out History. By the Ocult. From Atlantis over Ägypt, to the Jews/Satanists.

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Zenith26 2 months ago

If I'm walking through a park and find I a book on Calculus does it mean I invented Calculus? These f**king clowns...

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Beyond Infinity
Beyond Infinity 2 months ago

Thats what iam trieng to show. The Vortex Math is Correct. But it is not theres. There Language, like almost all not Nigger Languages come from Indo/Aryan. They just stole it, like everything.

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