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Gordon Kahl and the Rise of the Posse Comitatus

Published on 16 Jul 2021 / In Conspiracies
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Milissa 7 days ago

A true American Hero!

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Sibbeloth 11 days ago

8:43 this is how they do business.... "On February 12, 1979, John Trudell’s wife Tina Manning, his 4 children, one being in the womb and his mother-in-law Leah Hicks-Manning passed away in a suspicious house fire at the home of his in-law’s on the Duck Valley Indian Reservation in Nevada.".... "The tragic house fire that killed John Trudell’s family happened within 24 hours of him burning the US flag on the steps of the FBI building in Washington D.C. for the protest of the government’s treatment towards the Native Americans and the Sioux Nation"

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