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Published on 17 Oct 2020 / In Music


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iamfjk 8 days ago

There are no words to describe the outrage and abject disgust , at knowing your own Flesh and Blood rose up against their own fellow White European's and mass murdered tens of millions of them , at the behest of the fake azz bloody f...g jews aka SOS !!!! Never again will Brother rise against Brother !!
We know who the real threat and enemy of our White Race is ! Soon our creator Yahweh will intervene on behalf of his people aka Israelite's / White Race / Celtic's / Germans / Anglo Saxons / Nordic and Scandinavians and he will exterminate them and their global hordes of weaponized sub-humanity , as it is clearly prophesied in the Bible !

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卐卐卐 \/ri||arō|\|i|\| 卐卐卐

卐卐卐 卐卐卐

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