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Giuseppe - an Italian War Story (Myth20c - Ep201)

Published on 11 Jan 2021 / In History

Much of the history we in the English speaking world have of World War II focuses on the campaigns in Russia, Messerschmitts dogfighting with Spitfires over London, and the massive island campaigns in the Pacific between the Japanese and Americans. But one of the two founding members of the Axis Powers, Italy, receives much less attention, as its involvement does not neatly fit into the narrative of the world war, having begun operations as a fascist state in the 1920s and leaving the war early in 1943. The post-armistice period, however, was arguably the most difficult for Italy, as the civil war that broke out between the fascists, communists, and ordinary people took a tremendous toll on the social fabric of Italian families, and over 1 million men who were forcibly taken to Germany to work in their war factories. Piero San Giorgio, grandson of one of these men, joins us tonight to tell his story.

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Very special guest Piero San Giorgio
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