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Germanic victory, aftermath of the Teutoburg Forest.

Published on 08 Jun 2021 / In Documentry Films Worth Watching

Arminius and ⁣the Teutoburg Forest IS considered ⁣birth of German nationalism. D⁣uring the birth of the German Empire in 1871 . ⁣A lot of research was done into this event.

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Visited the "VARUSSCHLACHT (which really should be, "Hermannschlacht") im Osnabrücker Land – Museum und Park Kalkriese" in 2011. It contains things like a recreation of the Schutzwall (German protective wall), Das große Moor im Norden (the moor where surviving roman prisoners were sacrificed to the Germanic Gods), a roman Reitermask, maps of the various German tribal areas of the time (Cherusker, Sueben, Chatten, etc.), and most appealingly pictures of the lasting legacy of Hermann the Cherusker into the period of National Socialism (Du freies Hermannsland, das deutsche Volk in eine bessere Zukunft fuehren, treffen der SA Verbaende am Hermannsdenkmal, Hermann on postage stamps and postcards, Hermann in NSDAP films, artwork of the Fuehrer and Hermann, and artwork of Hermann's spirit guiding our fighting men against the slavic hordes, etc.) The clip mentions sacrificing the romans on altars and by hanging, but in an "I, Claudius" episode a roman survivor also relays to Augustus (Varus, where are my Eagles?!) that the roman prisoners, "were placed in wicker cages and burned alive" as sacrifices to the Germanic Gods. You can see why the romans became TERRIFIED of the Germans thereafter.

This clip contains the usual anti-German, intolerant views of the Germans ("barbarians", "betrayed", "looted", "despoiled"--all of it from the perspective of the losers.) The truth is that Hermann was a glorious German hero who freed the German people from the roman tyranny so many in Europe were not strong enough to avoid: the French/Celts, the slavs, the Spanish, and, of course--THE BRITISH.) The anti-German rhetoric in "documentaries" and texts has been written by descendants of peoples who mainly were subjugated by the romans and who secretly despise the Germans because they were NOT! Great post, by the way.

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