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Germanic National Socialism - Adolf Hitler

General J.D. Ripper
Published on 01 Mar 2021 / In Uncategorized

Adolf Hitler

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DARRYL DUNCAN 2 months ago

I can imagine it was a lot different for the National Socialist's because they had never known slavery or prejudice. Blacks fought with them. Here we are lied to daily from Jewish owned movie studios and news sources trying to place blame for slavery on us Whites when anybody can tell you that knows History that it was Jews who captured blacks and brought them to America to be slaves. Jews put blame on us everyday for what they did. When looking at the oldest television programs when Americans received their first TV Sets the want of every Christian was for future generations to be able to forgive past transgressions and to move forward into peace together so it was seen as something towards that effort when they saw lies in the movies. Blacks, Indians, Whites, Jews, Mexicans, we all had hatreds between races and the television programs were thought to be a way to mend those hatreds, allow for people to understand one another as human beings. The books written in every Cowboy/Western would mend feelings between Indians and Whites while the television programs would mend feelings between blacks and whites. No Christian could see it as anything other than that when seeing the lies. Over the decades though, these Jews began parading their lies as the truth. Education departments taught those lies in the schools. Police confiscated evidences and old books that told the truth. Now people see many lies as the truth but you can still read the books authored by Jews themselves wherein they brag about the slave trade.

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Bill 2 months ago

As I look death in the face be it from the poisoning of our food, water, environment or the death by vaccine or our American bolshevik armies parading as statesmen, cops and military or death by brown invaders it is comforting to see how these brave Germans were willing to fight for their culture and people to the death. Sets a good example.

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